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Project Description

A restored 1880’s Mining Town.  An amazingly authentic restoration of a Colorado mining Boom town.  

South Park City is a wonderful rebuilding of these early towns, safeguarding the historical backdrop of our country’s boondocks while it teaches and stimulates the present. Situated in Fairplay, Colorado, the exhibition hall is a precise representation of a mining town somewhere around 1860 and 1900. Thirty-four valid structures loaded with more than 60,000 antiques depict the vast majority of the monetary and social parts of boom town life. Seven of the structures are on their unique locales; the others have been moved from surrendered camps and apparition towns in South Park, a 900 square mile bowl encompassed by Colorado’s grand Rocky Mountains. The reestablished structures contain period room settings and shows delineating the callings, exchanges and commercial enterprises that added to life in a nineteenth century Colorado mining town.

South Park City Map