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Alma to Leadville Colorado

Mosquito Pass is a high mountain go at a rise of 13,185 ft (4.019 m),located in the Mosquito Range of focal Colorado in the United States. This street has lowered numerous inner selves. It’s not for the sissies and shouldn’t be endeavored by fledgling drivers. The street is in awful condition and requires solid nerves to arrange it. It’s one of the most astounding mountain goes of Colorado.

Mosquito pass goes from Colorado Highway 9 north of Fairplay over to the town of Leadville. It is a two way street, despite the fact that it is tight in a few spots and may require cautious moving to pass approaching traffic.It is safe just by walking or with an appropriate four-wheel drive vehicle. 2WD vehicles will think that its troublesome because of the stream intersections and high rough areas. It’snicknamed the “expressway of the solidified demise”. The pass lies on the limit amongst Lake and Park regions between Leadville (west) and Fairplay (east).